Engaged Workers Have Fewer Injuries.
We Engage Workers.

Our Safety Achievement Program:

  • Provides Recognition
  • Rewards Accomplishment
  • Encourages Teamwork
  • Discourages Fraud
  • WORKS!

Here’s how it works. Every month your employees will be recognized and rewarded for their achievement at a dynamic safety award meeting, led by one of our engaging safety leaders, who are a unique hybrid of safety professionals and entertainers, making every meeting an event to look forward to.
Employees participate and take pride in their accomplishments, applauding and supporting one another to foster a more team-oriented environment. Teams, departments and individuals are all recognized for doing the right thing: being safe and honest. It’s a great opportunity for management to show appreciation for a job well done.
Companies have tried their own versions of safety incentive programs with mixed success. Ours is more robust: it involves and engages people – the keys to success. Our experience comes from designing and managing programs for more than 175 companies and organizations over the past 13 years.

Don’t Do It Yourself!

  1. Budget. How much? How to distribute? A little bit for everyone, or lots to a few?
  2. The Meeting. What to cover? How often do you hold the meetings? For how long? Fun or serious? By shift or everyone?
  3. Who. Who leads the meetings? Should they be bilingual? Do you include clerical/administrative employees? Do you include supervisors and managers?
  4. What else? How do you discourage hidden injuries? How do you focus on positive behaviors? How do you make it fair?

Experience provides the answer to these questions, and we have 13 years of experience designing effective programs.
Your Safety Culture is at stake. We deliver programs that are effective from day one!

It’s Great For Morale

One of the most difficult things for a company to create and maintain is positive morale. Companies that are able to accomplish it tend to benefit in many ways, including fewer careless injuries, and fewer fraudulent claims. The goal is to have positive and energetic employees that impact the team and not a workforce being influenced by negative banter.

Engagement Is The Key

Are your workers engaged? In study after study, it has been shown that the majority of workers are disengaged. That can be tragic when it applies to safety. Our program engages and involves them. They are active participants in the safety meetings and safety program, leading to less carelessness and greater attention to doing the job the right way.


Every management survey reaches the same conclusion: more than anything else, employees at every level want to feel appreciated. That is a difficult task in labor-intense industries. It is exacerbated when the workforce is predominantly Hispanic, and some employees have difficulty speaking and understanding English. Communication can be a problem.
How many opportunities do you have to bring the employees who have the most difficult jobs together, deliver a serious message on safe behavior, and then celebrate that behavior in a meeting where there is applause, recognition, laughter, and positive feelings?


Every program must have accountability. We show you how to accomplish it by demonstrating how to review injuries and near-misses, while having a positive discussion on how they could have been avoided. When careless behavior leads to disqualifications, and fewer awards, there is accountability. Everyone has a responsibility to their fellow workers to stay safe, perform their jobs in a safe manner, and to be honest.

Claim Reduction

Let’s get to the measurable results. The average reduction in claims in the first year for clients using our program is 40%. Every program we’ve provided has documented results, and most companies get even better results as the program goes on. Take a look at a few of our case studies to see the results of our program.
Why spend the time and money experimenting with an internal program when Bridge Consultants can do it for you and guarantee results?

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