It’s the safety culture that determines the safety record.Reduce Your Workers’ Comp Costs

Bridge Consultants is a full service safety consulting practice based in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA. Since 2003, we have built strategies, ideas, recommendations, and dynamic safety achievement programs for global companies and organizations. Our clients average a 40% decrease in claims in the first year, resulting in terrific savings on all workers’ comp costs.
What’s the attitude of the workforce towards safety? OSHA compliance and training give a company a strong safety foundation, but it is the behavior, not the conditions, that causes most injuries. Unsafe and careless behavior are a reflection of how seriously workers take safety. We change that by promoting safety as each worker’s highest priority; and we accomplish the difficult challenge of getting workers involved, engaged and taking ownership. Our extensive background in safety and risk management, coupled with our understanding of the California workers’ comp system, will provide you with both the strategy and a dynamic safety achievement program, that will give your company a stronger safety culture.

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