To Decrease Fraud, Tie Safety and Honesty Together

  As fraudulent claims become a bigger problem in California, companies and organizations must find new strategies to discourage them from ever being filed. All the emphasis today seems to be on finding ways to challenge and combat them; to deny benefits and trust the courts and the insurance companies to do the right thing. … Continue reading “To Decrease Fraud, Tie Safety and Honesty Together”

Step Up, Owners!

Whose responsibility is it to control the cost of workers’ compensation? The Safety Manager? The Human Resource Manager? The CFO? Or is it the responsibility of the Owner, General Manager, or CEO? It’s a missed opportunity if the leader of the organization doesn’t take advantage of his position to impact all the factors that affect … Continue reading “Step Up, Owners!”

What do you tell a new employee about workers’ compensation?

How much-or how little- should you tell a new employee about workers’ compensation insurance? Some employers believe that the more an employee understands how workers’ comp works, the more likely they are to realize that fraud is easily perpetrated. The more likely they are to realize that there is an opportunity to turn an injury … Continue reading “What do you tell a new employee about workers’ compensation?”

Remember: Safety has Two Parts

    As you make plans for a safer year in 2017, remember that safety has two distinct parts. The first part serves as the foundation: comprehensive safety training for every employee, and full OSHA compliance.   The second part is the greater determinant of injuries and claims: BEHAVIOR.   A company can do everything … Continue reading “Remember: Safety has Two Parts”

In Defense of Safety Incentives

OSHA seems to be, once again, determined to limit safety incentive plans. Their basic position is that incentives cause more injuries to go unreported, than injuries prevented. So they are threatening some form of punishment if companies do not agree with them, and instead want to keep their safety incentive plans just as they are. … Continue reading “In Defense of Safety Incentives”

OSHA’s New Drug Testing Policy is Wrong

Not for the first time, OSHA has it absolutely backwards with their new policy on drug testing in the workplace. Their emphasis on reporting injuries supersedes what should be their priority, preventing injuries.   OSHA no longer permits mandatory drug testing after an accident. Here’s what OSHA’s commentary on May 12, 2016 says about an … Continue reading “OSHA’s New Drug Testing Policy is Wrong”

Getting Employee Buy-In on Safety

One of the greatest challenges for any business concerned with safety is getting buy-in from the people most likely to suffer injuries. Excellent training and an environment free of hazards are no match for a workforce that doesn’t subscribe to performing their jobs safely. No training can overcome risky behavior or a careless approach to … Continue reading “Getting Employee Buy-In on Safety”

How Do You Stop Workers’ Compensation Fraud?

Workers’ compensation fraud has changed from an annoyance to a problem, to a cancer. A combination of factors have paved the way for this change.   One of the most disturbing of these factors relates to the culture in today’s American society. Surveys indicate that a majority of people think that it is acceptable to … Continue reading “How Do You Stop Workers’ Compensation Fraud?”

Safety Culture Can’t Be “Fixed”

Companies need to realize that a strong safety culture requires an ongoing commitment, and is not one of those things that get “fixed.”   Recently we had a client decide to terminate a safety achievement program that we had designed and managed for them. Their program was built on monthly meetings in which the workforce … Continue reading “Safety Culture Can’t Be “Fixed””

Get Involved, Senior Managers!

What role does senior management play in driving safety culture in your organization? That is, beyond making the statement: “Safety is number 1 around here!”? I think the potential for senior management to contribute is overlooked. There are at least three distinct areas in which senior managers can positively impact the safety culture of their … Continue reading “Get Involved, Senior Managers!”