Rite-Way Meatpackers

X-Mod Cut from 161 to 68.

Background: Injuries were accepted as “part of the job.”

In industries where the work can be dangerous, there is a tendency to expect that injuries will happen. That expectation is on the part of both the workers and management, especially if there is a history of injury frequency. What has to be understood is that even in dangerous businesses, 90% of injuries are avoidable if the job is performed the way it was designed. If the worker adheres to the training protocol he or she has been taught, injuries occur infrequently.

We raised safety to a higher priority, crucial in businesses that involve cutting.

What Changed: Our safety achievement program changed the safety culture.

First, we reviewed past injuries to show that virtually all of them were avoidable; they were the result of risk-taking or unsafe decisions. We challenged everyone to meet a new standard of safety, then we made safety more personal. Goals were set, and accomplishments and safety suggestions were celebrated with awards and recognition. Another significant change was senior management attending every meeting, shaking hands and showing appreciation.


  • Sustainable savings averages $500,000 every year!
  • X-Mod reduction of 102 points: from 170 to 68
  • Workers taking responsibility and pride in their safety record
  • A safer company with fewer injuries and claims and better morale

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Weber Metals

X-Mod Cut from 100 to 53.

Background: We engaged workers, leading to a stronger safety culture.

An X-Mod of 100 signals an average performance in terms of claim frequency, but if the industry has high classification rates, like this metals forging company does, that translates to a very high premium. This is a company that does everything exceptionally well, and is a leader in the field of metal extrusion. Why settle for average when it comes to safety? We were hired to bring the results of their safety program up to the same level as all the other aspects of this company.

What Changed: Safety became a Higher Priority

Our safety achievement program, with dynamic monthly awards meetings, was the centerpiece of the company’s safety initiative. The goal was to create a stronger safety culture throughout the organization, and the single best way to do that is by engaging workers and convincing them to take ownership of their actions. Our program was the engine that drove the workforce to embrace a stronger safety culture.

The Results: $1.2 Million in savings

The workers’ comp budget was based on their previous years of experience, so when the injuries drop dramatically, the company paid out $1.2 million less than had been budgeted. In a brilliant move by top management they took the entire savings and put them into the employees’ profit sharing plan. Results like that strengthen morale and commitment on the part of a workforce. By making safety their highest priority, workers were directly rewarded in the best possible way. For the company, to have an X-Mod of 57 placed them among the top two or three safest companies in the country in their industry, and they have received national recognition for this accomplishment.
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X-Mod Cut from 234 to 106.

Company Statement:

“Our Safety Performance continues to improve. YTD across all four Arbonne sites there has been a 60% reduction in WC Injuries with a corresponding 89% reduction in WC claims payout.”



This international company suffered through business challenges brought on by the recession, impacting both their morale and safety record. They are often tied together, so one of the keys to improving the injury record is to boost the morale. The company’s business was on the upswing, but it had not yet translated to the workforce. Injuries continued to happen both in packaging and distribution, as well as with the office staff.

What Changed: Morale and Attitude

We knew we needed to carry the message that everything was on the upswing, that everything was getting better, and that this included safety. We work with management to make sure that all hazards were removed and safety suggestions followed up promptly. Then we engaged workers with our dynamic safety achievement program. Workers sometimes feel anonymous in businesses like this where they have personal protective equipment that covers their heads. Our meetings make safety more personal, with individual winners coming to the front of the room welcomed by the applause of their coworkers and management teams, and with recognition being given to teams and departments for meeting safety goals. Our meetings also gave them a positive boost by entertaining and engaging them, boosting overall morale.

Results: More Than $1 Million in Savings

Having an X-Mod that averaged 239 over a four-year period was a terrible financial burden. Eliminating injuries and questionable claims drove that X-Mod all the way down to 104, and the premium from more than $2 million to less than $1 million, savings that can be used for marketing and promotion of the company. Cutting workers’ comp costs by more than 50% is definitely possible when the safety culture changes and avoidable injuries and fraudulent claims are eliminated.

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Enriquez Materials

X-Mod Cut from 99 to 53.

Background: Avoidable injuries led to an “average” X-Mod.

Some companies would have accepted an X-Mod of 99, but there is no need. When we reviewed the injuries, it was clear that they were all avoidable. The company did a good job on being compliant and removing safety hazards, and the workers were well-trained. But, the missing ingredient was an emphasis on safe behavior. Because the X-Mod wasn’t outrageous, management accepted the occasional injury. But then came the recession and the desire to reduce all costs, especially workers comp. That’s when we were hired.

What Changed: Attitude and Awareness

Our safety achievement program was customized for this client with bilingual meeting leaders who connected with the workers. We engaged the workers and turned safety into their safety program with interactive, participatory monthly meetings. When a few months went by without any injuries, workers realized they didn’t have to happen. Part of changing the safety culture is convincing a workforce that they really can go injury free.


Tremendous savings resulting from dropping the X-Mod to the 50’s! In a competitive business, the premium reduction that results from keeping the X-Mod extremely low, can have a huge impact on a company’s profitability, as it has here.

Greater profitability comes from a stronger safety culture.
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Hilton LAX

X-Mod Cut from 184 to 90.

Background: Injury frequency was killing profitability.

When the X-Mod hit 184, ownership knew they had to change something, but did not know what. There was a disconnect between what the hotel management wanted, and the attitude of the staff. We were hired to turn this situation around. The first step in establishing a strong safety culture has to be convincing the workforce that management cares about their safety, so one of our requirements was that management attend our safety award meetings, and that they take part in congratulating and making the awards. Our safety achievement program encourages engagement and participation, and gives ownership of the safety program to the workforce.

What Changed: The attitude towards safety

Our program is ideal for housekeepers and hospitality workers. They willingly participate and cheer each other on, making the safety awards meeting a very positive experience that they look forward to
. Our bilingual meeting leaders boosted their morale by applauding their safety accomplishments and recognizing their efforts to stay safe. They started to take pride in their safety record, and avoidable injuries went way down.


The workers’ comp premium and costs were reduced by 50%, saving $700,000 annually!
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