Remember: Safety has Two Parts

Safe Behavior 2017



As you make plans for a safer year in 2017, remember that safety has two distinct parts. The first part serves as the foundation: comprehensive safety training for every employee, and full OSHA compliance.


The second part is the greater determinant of injuries and claims: BEHAVIOR.


A company can do everything right in making the workplace safe and ensuring that everyone is well-trained, but still suffer too many injuries. The attitude of the workforce towards safety, honesty, and integrity is what makes the difference. An acceptance of careless accidents, or occasional risk-taking, produces a different result than an attitude where the workforce takes pride in doing their job the right way and staying injury free. To create a sense of pride, find a way to get workers fully engaged in your safety program. Engaging the workforce, and turning it into their safety program creates a sense of ownership, and ownership is the ultimate key to safety.


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