Eleazar Del Valle

Growing up in Mexico City, Eleazar doesn’t remember a time when comedy and entertainment was not a fixture in his life. After studying acting and directing, he went on to work in various facets within the entertainment world, finding himself involved in the theater, stand-up comedy, television, and even film industries. Fifteen years ago, Eleazar decided to create the well-known, lovable and hilarious character Trapicio, for whom he is often recognized.
With a career spanning 30 years, Eleazar is motivated everyday to use his skill sets as a Safety Meeting Leader for the Bridge Consultants team, educating workers through engaging, funny and informational safety lessons.

Vanessa Herrera

Vanessa has always had an affinity for knowing how to communicate effectively. With a bachelor’s in marketing and advertising, and certification as a master practitioner on neuro-linguistic programming, she spent two years in the marketing department of Cerveceria Modelo and ultimately moved on to become the Marketing Manager of Grupo Azor. She decided to take her skills to the next level by giving workshops on how to solidify teamwork. In 2005, Vanessa moved to Los Angeles. Since her arrival, she’s continued to further pursue her people and workshop skills in the form of acting. Over the years, she’s always had the ability to make people laugh, and because of this, she’s been able to grow in her role as a Safety Meeting Leader for Bridge Consultants, helping to create an impactful safety culture for businesses throughout California.

Richard Villa

Richard has always been a man of ambition. Growing up in Los Angeles, he set his goals early and once he finished high school, decided to pursue his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona University. Soon after, while still in his 20’s, he set another goal, to become a professional comedian, making people laugh in both English and Spanish. Since his career change, Richard has made appearances on shows like Mind of Mencia, Comedy Central Mexico, as well as offering voice over support to shows like The Chico Y Guapo Show. For the past 5 years Richard has enjoyed the role of Safety Meeting Leader where he is able to introduce comedy to employees statewide with interactive seminars that create safer work places.

Traci Bonilla

Traci Bonilla joined Bridge Consultants in 2006, and has recently completed her tenth year as our administrator. Prior to working at Bridge Consultants, Traci worked as an Executive Assistant in the Employee Benefits Department at Universal Studios and a Coordinator in the Sales Administration Department at The Walt Disney Company. Traci currently resides in the Santa Clarita Valley with her husband of 17 years and their two children.

Joe Stevens

The first time Joe heard about workers’ compensation was when an operations manager slammed his fist on the table in a monthly management meeting and said “I give up.”
What he explained to Joe was that everything he tried to do to reduce the cost of workers’ compensation failed. Claims went up and the insurance premium went up. The problem was that everything he tried revolved around greater OSHA compliance and better safety protocols.
Having had the good fortune to work for some excellent companies, including Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, and CR Bard, all of whom had successful safety programs, Joe knew that leaders cannot just impose their ideas or force desirable behaviors. They have to find a way to motivate people by convincing them that what they want is of great benefit to everyone.
So when the opportunity arose, Joe used this as the basis of his idea to form Bridge Consultants. He knew that injuries and claims did not have to happen, as 90% of all injuries are avoidable, so if he could find a way to motivate workers to change their behavior, to take fewer risks, to take pride in their work and their safety record, he could dramatically reduce the number of injuries that occur. Tied in with a sense of humor, he had the grounds for his new company, and over 13 years later he’s still proud to see the effect it has on the safety culture: fewer workers are getting injured on the job. They’re happier, more motivated, more productive, and the program has fostered a better working environment, while simultaneously saving the company potentially millions of dollars.