Michael Bennish

I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I support whatever you want to do to keep the momentum going. This was definitely one of the best business decisions I have made!

John Dameron

We have made an astounding impact on our injuries and our WC rates have reflected this improvement. When we look at where we were when you approached us and where we are today, we have to look at our improvements with pride. You are a big part of our team and your contributions have been very significant.

Craig Roberts

We are very pleased with how well the safety program is working, and look forward to a long relationship with your company. Thank you.

Martin Garcia

We were able to reduce our insurance costs significantly. I look forward to recommending you and your team to anyone that is looking to reduce their premium. We thank you for your help.

Carl Wallman

I think the key to your program is the morale boost it gives our employees. Their injuries have been reduced by 60% over the past 18 months. Your incentive program turned our safety around.

Paul Dennis

It exceeded my expectations in every way.

Michael Lowe

Bridge Consultants has made an immediate, positive impact on AB & I’s safety program. You’ve brought new life and energy to our safety meetings, making them fun, informative and memorable. Most importantly, our accident rates are declining.

Chiaki Harami

The cost of the program is peanuts compared to the savings.

Mani Thakur

I would recommend Bridge Consultants to any company that is serious about reducing claims. We implemented your program as the main component to our safety awareness, and the results were amazing. We reduced our claims from 27 to 3 in the first 12 months!

Agustin Huerta

Bridge Consultants designed an incentive program based on our budget, and our injuries dropped 75% the first year, from 32 to 6. Because we now have control of our injuries, we are seeing real competition from insurance carriers for our business.