Michael Bennish

I couldn’t be happier with the results, and I support whatever you want to do to keep the momentum going. This was definitely one of the best business decisions I have made!

Michael Lowe

Bridge Consultants has made an immediate, positive impact on AB & I’s safety program. You’ve brought new life and energy to our safety meetings, making them fun, informative and memorable. Most importantly, our accident rates are declining.

Chiaki Harami

The cost of the program is peanuts compared to the savings.

Mani Thakur

I would recommend Bridge Consultants to any company that is serious about reducing claims. We implemented your program as the main component to our safety awareness, and the results were amazing. We reduced our claims from 27 to 3 in the first 12 months!

Agustin Huerta

Bridge Consultants designed an incentive program based on our budget, and our injuries dropped 75% the first year, from 32 to 6. Because we now have control of our injuries, we are seeing real competition from insurance carriers for our business.

Rod Curtis

Teaming up with you has greatly improved our safety record from 39 accidents at this time last year to 13. We are not only going to get a return on our investment by partnering with you, but we are also becoming a better company.

Michelle Meraz

In our annual employee surveys, the safety incentive program was mentioned more than any other single thing, as something that the employees really loved and really appreciated. We all just love it. It’s been an amazing success with everyone!

Melanie Sergejeff

Your company is worth its weight in gold! With their hands-on assistance, we were able to reduce both the frequency and severity of accidents, resulting in a huge savings on our workers’ comp premium. The morale of the employees has definitely been improved. They have become a risk management partner with us, offering our company much more than we anticipated.

Charles Dao

You made me a hero! Your meetings are dynamic, and the employees are really involved. And injuries are way down, too. For the first time, I feel we have really created a safety culture.

Tia Jordan

I met with our management team yesterday and told them what a great job Bridge Consultants has done! Bridge Consultants has done a truly fantastic job.